“Her, My One.”


He pushed open the door, placed his headphones around his neck, and glanced outside. The sun was slowly disappearing into the horizon and after trying to get rid of the thoughts in his head by working out in the gym, he was glad to make his way home. Overhead, the greying sky looked like it was preparing to release a relentless torrent. He almost wished it did.

As he moved out of the the looming building behind him and across the campus, his mind drifted to the same thing that he had tried not to think about. He wanted to get over it, but he knew that was next to impossible. There was no way of getting over her.

He didn’t even bother going to classes today for fear of seeing her and not knowing what to do. He had spent the entire day in the exercise room where he knew for sure that nobody would bother him. He wanted to be alone, and now that the school day was over, he could leave without being annoyed by his friends or risking the chance of bumping into her.

Cool air grazed against his neck, still warm from the workout. He zipped up his sweater absentmindedly and looked up. He flinched at what, or who, he saw sitting at the bus stop a short distance in front of him.

It was her.

He hoped she had not seen him and looked around for a different way to get to the parking lot, but he knew it was too late. As he got closer, he saw that she was sitting alone at the bus shelter. She was looking down and he hoped he could walk by without her noticing.

Thoughts started to amass in his head. What if she did look up? He knew what he wanted to do, what he needed to do. He wanted to tell her the truth, and feel her in his arms. This was the chance he had been waiting for. He knew that he couldn’t let this —

Then she looked up.

Time seemed to stop, as their eyes met briefly. In that moment he saw the pleading in her eyes, and he felt his heart sink a little.

He wanted to say it, say everything that he had wanted to say since he started having feelings for her. He wanted to grab her and tell her how he really felt. He wanted her to be his one.

But instead, he kept walking. Closing his own eyes wearily, he placed his idle headphones around his ears and pressed play. A soothing piano melody began playing and without stopping he walked pass the bus stop and stepped onto the empty street. He didn’t dare look back, fearing that he would see the emotions that her eyes had shown him again. In his head, the song faded to the chorus


Listen to your heart, won’t let you down

Cause you should be my Lady! …

The END, he thought as the setting sun casted a lonely shadow and he walked away from the girl he had always loved.

… Now that we’re apart love will show how

Life carries on…

How can it BEGIN just like that? She thought to herself as she sat alone on the bench listening to her iPod and waited for the evening bus to arrive. School was over for the day, and she was very relieved to finally go home. It wasn’t because of the classes, however. Home was where it was safe, safe from seeing him.

And that was not something she felt she could do right now without crying.

So she had gone to all of her classes using the most roundabout routes and had sat in the farthest corners of the lecture halls. Her friends had texted her throughout the day asking if she had gone to school, but she had ignored all their worried concerns. She just felt like being alone, and now she only had to wait 5 more minutes for the bus to come and do just that.

A cool breeze danced through her hair and she pulled up the hood on her jacket to keep warm. Overhead, the grey skies darkened and the rain clouds seemed like they were about to burst. Nearby, somebody was walking out of the rec centre and walking in her direction.

Perfect, she thought as she closed her eyes and hoped the music would lull her into forgetting the world outside. Of course, she quickly realized that this song wasn’t going to help. With a sigh, she opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the approaching figure and instantly regretted it.

It was him.

She was sure he hadn’t seen her yet, so she quickly looked down wishing that he would just walk by.

What if he stopped? What happens then? She didn’t know what he was thinking. All she knew was how she felt and what she wanted. She wanted him to tell her what she knew. Tell me that you love me, she pleaded silently.

She knew she shouldn’t, but she could’t help it. She stole a quick glance in his direction again and her heart skipped a beat.

Time seemed to stop, as their eyes met briefly. In that instance she saw the longing in his eyes, and she felt faint.

She waited for him to stop and to hear his voice. She waited for the words to be said and the embrace that would surely come afterwards. She wanted to be his one.

But instead, she watched as he turned away and walked pass her without looking back. She was almost glad that he didn’t look back at her. She didn’t want him to see the tears that were brimming out of her eyes. as she watched the boy she had always loved disappear from view.


~ by J. on August 11, 2011.

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