“Boulevard of Broken Dreams (& Promises)”


She walked quietly along the empty pathway that encircled the park. Behind her, the darkening sky and setting sun in the horizon grazed her backdrop. The late clouds hanging over the aura of darkened light was splashed almost artistically across the sky and anyone who saw it would normally have paused to take in this grandeur. But the lonely girl walking by herself was oblivious to all of this. It was a night like any other,  one that she felt heavily with cold melancholy seeping into her heart.

As the evening turned into night, she walked aimlessly with her head hidden in the patches of dark shadows formed by the surrounding forest. From a distance, she looked like any other person on a late stroll. But if you saw her face, you would be able to see, no sense, the emptiness and know that everything was not all right.

Slowly she made her way along the path and ending at the gazebo centred in the middle of the grassy escarpment. She stopped at the fixture in front of her, and let out a choked weep that was inaudible even in the complete silence of the night. There were no crickets harmonizing to their love songs. Everything was pitch black and noiseless, as if every living creature was anticipating something to happen.

The park bench.

She sat down on the wooden fixture and her fingers ran across the rough edge until she felt the unmistakable marking of the carving. Even without light to guide her she knew what words were etched onto the surface –

Forever and Always.

This was their spot, the spot so long ago where they first met and he first said he loved her. This was the spot where through so many painful memories she had believed that their love was inseparable. This was the spot where it was supposed to be forever and always.

And now it no longer was.

Looking down, she felt the remnants of broken shards of glass that somebody probably left from before. For a moment, she wanted to feel its sharp bite and relief herself of this anguish. But she knew she couldn’t do it.

“And it’s all here in

Black and white and red

For all the times”

She wanted it to rain, so that it could mask the tears that were falling and to soak her clothing until she could feel the coldness of the icy rain against her skin. She wanted to be lost, drowning in the melancholy that was cloaking her. Instead, her tears streamed down her face and fell onto her lap, each drop like a waterfall rescinding down her moonlit complexion.

Overhead, though, the night sky was glowing with the faded twinkling of early stars. For once, the sky was not clouded over.

Was it time?

In her mind, like a choreographed dance, she watched the end unfold.

The girl desperately hugged the boy from behind, trying to hold on. She watched as the boy easily grasped the girl’s fingers around his waist and slowly pull them away from him. 

As the pirouette reached its climax, he turned towards her and she stopped struggling. For a brief moment he held her hands and looked down at her, acting as if he would never let go. Then with a final breath, he kissed her on the forehead, turned away  and walked into the shadows.

She held his hands tightly in hers, refusing to let go. She willed this to be forever, hoping that this was not the end.

But even before she opened her eyes and saw her hands clenching at nothing but the air, she knew It wasn’t real. He was not there, and he was not coming back.

Somewhere a clock chimed twelve times, echoing across the silent landscape and resonating to the girl sitting on the park bench.

It was their anniversary, if he had still been there with her.

But he had left, bringing along with him promises that were never meant to be.


~ by J. on August 13, 2011.

2 Responses to ““Boulevard of Broken Dreams (& Promises)””

  1. I love this! I can “feel” this.

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