“Strangers, Again.”


He crossed the street. Lights glimmered as the shops down the boulevard began to open for their evening patrons. Still, it was early enough that very few people walked along the street. He didn’t mind though, because he enjoyed the silence.

As he kept walking, he saw a couple approaching him. The autumn evening was cool and crisp, and both of them were bundled up heavily. The woman especially, was bundled up in a soft woollen scarf and toque ensemble. Still he recognized her. He thought about walking the other way. It would be the easier thing to do.

Yet, he didn’t.

Their eyes connected, and he hoped not for the first time that she would smile with her eyes back at him like she used to. That way you could tell it was genuine and full of love.

For that brief moment, when the distance between them became smaller, everything seemed like it used to be. They were holding hands walking across the backdrop of the lake shore. They were kissing each other good night at her door. They were up in the early hours of the morning talking on the phone with each other.

But all good things must come to an end. His hapless flashbacks ceased as he saw her eyes glimmer with tears. As she walked closer she awkwardly raised her hand up as if to wave goodbye once more. Then she looked away, and drew her hands away from him just like the first time. Except this time he knew it would be forever.

She was crying. He was standing still. She was leaving. He tried to hold her back, refusing to let go, but she struggled free. Then she was looking down and walking away.

With a weak smile at his direction she walked on, arm tightening around the guy she was with. He watched as the man wrapped his arm around her waist and looked at her the same way he used to. She should be with someone that could treat her like the princess she deserved to be.

The man walked by him without a second glance not noticing what had unfolded, but he could feel her avoiding his gaze. As they passed him by he could smell her perfume hanging in the winter night air. For a brief moment, he thought about reaching out and holding her and never letting go.

But he didn’t and he kept going, walking the other way.

Lovers? Not anymore.

Friends? Not quite.

Acquaintances? In time.

They were just strangers, again.


~ by J. on September 15, 2011.

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